Things We Can Address

We can TARGET a particular physical or emotional problem or keep it more general and address imbalances that are preventing you from achieving optimal health or living your true  potential
all with the Emotion Code and Body Code.

Full Body Scan

If you don’t have a specific issue, we can do a body scan which is an overall evaluation giving us insight into imbalances in your body that affect your overall health.

The scan covers your immune system function, imbalances in organs, glands and body systems, as well as pathogens and toxicities.

Heart~Wall Clearing

Most of us have experienced heartache, from someone hurting us, a deep sense of grief, loss, trauma, etc.

Your subconscious may form an “energetic wall” to protect your heart against further heartache

We call this a “HEART-WALL”


Heart-Walls can hamper our ability to give and receive love, feel positive emotions, contribute to feelings of isolation, sadness, other emotional problems and block abundance.

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Some other amazing things that can be addressed…

Reduce & Manage Your Stress!

Stress affects us all,
and it is everywhere

Some stress is good, it keeps us alert, motivated, and ready to avoid danger

But chronic stress makes us sick, both mentally and physically and our bodies are not equipped to handle long-term stress without consequences


One of the best things you can do for
your overall health is manage stress

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Abundance Breakthrough & Money Blocks
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Create the opportunity to attain higher levels of success by freeing yourself of blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns of failure and self-sabotage, unlocking your potential for Wealth and Abundance

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The Body Code categorizes your financial status into 3 modes

Your goal is to be in Abundance Mode 100%
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Resonating Relationships
Reset and Reconnect Relationships for Singles & Couples

Your natural state is one where you can create and nurture deep love and connection with others and yourself Use this proven Body Code Technique to help reset your relationship and move to the next level!

As we go through life, we accumulate imbalances that put us in conflict with this state of love and connection, sometimes keeping us in the wrong relationships for the wrong reasons or not attracting the right partner
Your individual vibration needs to be just right in order to attract and connect with the right partner
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Releasing Vows & Cutting Cords
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A VOW may remain “active” even after a relationship ends, this can cause several problems, as well as keeping us bound to people from our past

Cutting cords eliminates the unseen force that binds you to past relationships that no
longer serve you

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Release your marriage Vows, Contracts and Agreements as well as cutting unhealthy cords with past relationships freeing yourself and moving forward!
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Immune System Booster
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The Body Code is so powerful, it enables us to clear what is
compromising your
Immune System

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Let’s find out what percentage its functioning at and bring it up to 100% of its total capability, enabling you to maintain optimal function
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Dynamic Business Clearing
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How healthy and successful is your business?

Let’s discover and clear blocks from its energy field, aligning it with 100% positive energy

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Keeping it operating at its highest optimal levels, attract more clients, increase productivity and revenue

Regular clearing is beneficial to maintain optimal levels
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Pet Codes
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The Body Code works
wonders with animals
Animals have feelings they can’t express, so this amazing technique enables us to find out exactly what’s going on

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We can help your pet get through illness, emotional distress, such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, peeing in the house, fear of storms, going to the Vet, getting groomed and the list goes on!
It is up to US to keep them Safe and Healthy!
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Kid Codes
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Children also have emotions that affect their behavior and can lead to learning difficulties relationship issues low self-esteem night terrors anxiety and bad habits like bedwetting, nail biting & so much more.

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This technique can lead them to a happier life, improving behavior, building self-confidence, having more productive relationships, improving social & family dynamics, communicating with other children and an overall well-being as they grow into teens and then adults

You can give your child the gift of releasing trapped
emotions causing their problems
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Teen Codes
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Teens face a wide range of challenges

Some behaviors or situations such as bullying, low self-esteem and struggling with body image are some of the issues affecting our teens everyday

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Teens suffer from emotional / physical distress such as anxiety, sensitivity, suicidal tendencies, abuse, ADHD, ODD, OCD, social issues, a spiritual gift, illness and so much more!
It also works to maintain their optimal health
which is essential to everyone’s well-being
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House Clearing
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Clear your current or new home of negative energies from past owners, visitors or from negative events that have occurred that can get stuck in that space

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If you are not feeling well in your own home, struggling to sell or maybe
just want to clear the stored up stagnant energy

Perhaps it’s time for a diagnostic and clearing using the Body Code

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Name Clearing
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There is a great deal of power and energy rooted within your name, it affects the energy you take into the world every day

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A name collects energy and has an influence on the holder of the name

Let’s find out what percentage of negative energy is connected to your name, both from this lifetime and ancestrally and clear it!

Your name is an energetic fingerprint

Users of The Body Code™ have reported getting help with:

Bad habits
Chronic discomfort
Creativity Blocks
Digestive trouble
Emotional distress
Fear of Public Speaking
Feeling stuck
Fertility Issues
Financial stress
Health Issues

Hormonal issues
Itchy eyes
Joint problems
Lack of Confidence
Lack of Motivation
Lack of energy
Lack of mobility
Learning Disabilities
Learning issues
Loss of balance
Low Immune system
Low Self Esteem
Menstrual problems

Money blocks
Morning Sickness
Muscle soreness
Night Terrors
Organ function
Pet Issues
Physical Distress
Poor focus
Relationship issues
Relationship with food

Sinus trouble
Skin problems
Sleep issues
Tired all the time
Weight Issues
Writers Block

& the list goes on…


~ Lose What Needs To Be Lost…
To Find What Needs To Be Found ~

~ Lose What Needs To Be Lost…
To Find What Needs To Be Found ~





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