Conscious Mind Verses Subconscious Mind
Most people think the Conscious mind is a big part of their intelligence, making their decisions, remembering things, etc., but it’sreally only about 10% of your intelligence.

The other 90% of our intelligence is our subconscious mind which is very active. It’s archiving, remembering, and recording everything we’ve ever done, eaten, tasted, touched or smelled, as well as the whole history of our health.

It knows everything we’ve ever experienced from the moment we were conceived In-Utero and is stored in our subconscious mind like a computer hard drive, ready to be accessed if we know how.

It would produce the correct responses when presented with the truth or a lie, like a lie detector.

We can access all the information stored in the subconscious by simply using muscle testing.  Muscle testing helps us get the answers from the subconscious by giving us a physical response when we tell the truth or lie.

We can get answers to just about any question about the body and exactly what needs to be addressed to bring optimal health and 100% function back to the body.

What a gift, being able to tap into the subconscious mind, getting to the root cause of our issues!

Here’s to Living Your Best Life Now!

I have no doubt that The Emotion Code is destined to becomeacornerstone for the healing of the new millennium.

~ Gregg Braden

New York Times bestseller of The Divine Matrix

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