Reset and Reconnect Relationships
for Singles & Couples

Your individual vibration needs to be just right in order to attract and connect with the right partner.


Your natural state is one where you can create and nurture deep love and connection with others and yourself Use this proven Body Code Technique to help reset your relationship and move to the next level!


As we go through life, we accumulate imbalances that put us in conflict with this state of love and connection, sometimes keeping us in the wrong relationships for the wrong reasons or not attracting the right partner.

Begin to identify and create the vibration of the reality you want in your relationship by…

Identifying the presence of 41 positive vibrations in the subconscious mind such as:

    • I am capable of creating a loving relationship
    • I deserve to be loved
    • And align you 100%

Identifying the presence of 40 negative vibrations in the subconscious mind such as:

    • It’s not okay to be in love.
    • I will never find the right partner.
    • And align you 100%.

Addressing some of the feelings in relationships, either for singles or those in a committed relationship:

    • In General:
      • How comfortable are you to express your true self and speak your mind?
      • How valued are your contributions and communications by others?
      • How respected and important to others do you feel you are?
      • How important is it to have quality sexual intimacy in a relationship?
      • How hard have you worked (lately) to create or nurture a relationship?
    • If in a relationship:
      • How healthy would you say your relationship is, on average?
      • How comfortable do you feel to express disagreement with your partner?
      • How satisfied are you with the sexual intimacy in your relationship?
      • How important is it to improve the sexual intimacy with your partner?
      • How much effort do you put into communicating love to your partner?
      • How able and willing is your partner to communicate love to you?
      • How able are you to receive the love your partner communicates?

Conflict resolution: Our conflict resolution style impacts all our relationships:

What is your typical conflict resolution style:

    • avoid?
    • accommodating?
    • competing?
    • compromising?
    • collaborating?

Our goal would be to work toward always being a “collaborator”
If in a relationship, we can also address your partner’s typical conflict resolution style.

Connection mode / for singles and those in a committed relationship:

Your individual vibration needs to be just right in order to attract or connect with the right person.

Identify how likely you are to connect with and/or nurture a healthy relationship with the right person by assessing how aligned you are in three categories:

    1. Connection mode: for singles and those in a committed relationship.
    2. Nurture mode: for singles and those in a committed relationship.
    3. Harmony mode: for those in a committed relationship only.

Goal Alignment:

    • Create a relationship goal, even though this may not be your current situation in reality, the first step toward making it your reality is creating it energetically. Be positive, and identify the true desires of your heart to fulfill the goal, allowing it to find imbalances that are creating a conflict with the goal.
    • If you are single or if you may not stay in the relationship, you are currently in.
    • If you are in a committed relationship and intend or desire to stay in it.

Vows and Cords:

    • Connections with others that need to be removed in order to heal and move on from past relationships.
    • Vows are promises made that remain “active” even after a relationship ends keeping us bound energetically to people from our past.
    • Cords keep us bound energetically to past relationships that no longer serve us.

Users of The Body Code™ have reported getting help with

Bad habits
Chronic discomfort
Creativity Blocks
Digestive trouble
Emotional distress
Fear of Public Speaking
Feeling stuck
Fertility Issues
Financial stress
Health Issues

Hormonal issues
Itchy eyes
Joint problems
Lack of Confidence
Lack of Motivation
Lack of energy
Lack of mobility
Learning Disabilities
Learning issues
Loss of balance
Low Immune system
Low Self Esteem
Menstrual problems

Money blocks
Morning Sickness
Muscle soreness
Night Terrors
Organ function
Pet Issues
Physical Distress
Poor focus
Relationship issues
Relationship with food

Sinus trouble
Skin problems
Sleep issues
Tired all the time
Weight Issues
Writers Block

& the list goes on…


~ Lose What Needs To Be Lost…
To Find What Needs To Be Found ~

~ Lose What Needs To Be Lost…
To Find What Needs To Be Found ~