Kids and Teen Codes

Children are Emotional Sponges!

We sometimes think of our children as little innocent beings who have not yet been affected by emotional baggage that we, as adults, have.

It’s important to know that our children have emotions that they also need help with that they have collected during birth, school, family events and other occasions in their lives.

This can affect their behavior and possibly lead to learning difficulties, relationship issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, night terrors and bad habits like bedwetting, nail biting and so much more.

Using Emotion Code / Body Code™ techniques with children identifies and releases trapped emotions

This may lead to having a:

  • Happier life
  • Improving behavior
  • Building their self-confidence
  • Having more productive relationships such as:
    • Improving social and family dynamics
    • Communicating with other children

Which can also lead to an Overall well-being as they grow into teens and then adults.

As a parent it is important to recognize that as our children grow up, they take on beliefs and limitations of everyone else, eventually becoming less aware of their innate ability to sense and feel energies.

With the Emotion Code / Body Code™
You can give your child the gift of releasing trapped emotions
causing their problems

Release Your Teen’s Trapped Emotions with Teen Codes

The truth is that children and teens face a wide range of challenges making it difficult for adults to understand their perspective and the impact those experiences can have on them.

Some behaviors or situations that may benefit from Emotion Code / Body Code™ are:

  • Being bullied, have been bullied, are bullying others
  • Anxiety, sensitivity, or other emotional distress
  • Experiencing the divorce of their parents
  • Experiencing suicidal tendencies
  • Mental, emotional, physical and / or sexual abuse
  • Struggling with ADHD, ODD or OCD
  • Adverse effects from a recently received vaccine
  • Self-esteem and / or social issues
  • Struggling with body image
  • Illness and / or physical distress
  • Struggling with a spiritual gift

& so much more…

Even teens who are not suffering from any specific issues can benefit from the Emotion Code / Body Code™.

Not only do sessions remove trapped emotions and other imbalances, it also works to maintain optimal health which is essential to everyone’s well-being.

~ Lose What Needs To Be Lost…
To Find What Needs To Be Found ~

~ Lose What Needs To Be Lost…
To Find What Needs To Be Found ~