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Mystic Mag chats with Carmen der Kinderen, the compassionate force behind Release to Heal. Carmen brings over 30 years of expertise in the wellness industry to her practice as a Certified Holistic Energy Healing Practitioner in Toronto, Canada. Carmen’s profound journey through diverse healing modalities led her to become a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner in 2014, igniting her true calling in energy healing. Her commitment to continuous learning drives her to incorporate various techniques, including The Emotion Code/Body Code, Kinesiology Scan, Full Court of Atonement, and more.

She believes in the transformative power of Energy Healing as the future of medicine, is dedicated to guiding individuals worldwide in releasing limiting beliefs and physical/emotional imbalances. Carmen’s personalized sessions are a conduit for healing, offering relief from ailments, emotional distress, and barriers hindering life’s full potential. Whether addressing specific issues or aiming for optimal health, her mission is to empower you to live your best life, free from limitations and pain.

Many people may not fully understand the concept of energy healing. Can you explain how the Emotion Code and The Body Code work to release trapped emotions and imbalances, and how this process benefits individuals seeking relief from stress, trauma, disease, and other challenges?

Everything in the world has energy, including our bodies, organs, glands and tissues, along with our emotions, experiences, traumas, as well as inherited and ancestral energies. These harmful emotional energies actually become trapped, creating imbalances within us, eventually leading to physical discomfort, emotional turmoil, and what we know as symptoms. I like to think of our symptoms as a gift, it’s our body’s way of getting our attention, letting us know there’s an imbalance in the body that needs to be addressed and healed.

This powerful technique enables us to identify energetic imbalances like trapped emotions and unprocessed emotional energies which we know as emotional baggage, in the body and simply remove them, allowing the body to better heal itself! Your body knows exactly what it needs to restore itself, achieve balance, become healthier, and live your best life.

By correcting underlying imbalances, we can help the body’s self-healing ability to take over, by balancing the body in the 6 Key Areas of Health:
Restore Emotional Wellness
Balance Body Systems
Clear Pathogens
Release Toxins
Align the Body
Nutrition and Lifestyle

As a result:
Discomfort and malfunction in the body often disappear
The organs function as they should
Nutrients are absorbed properly
Energy levels are raised
Our immune system gets boosted
Emotional and physical issues become manageable or eliminated

What can clients expect from a typical session, and how do you help them address various emotional and physical issues?

We can target a particular physical or emotional problem or keep it more general and address imbalances that are preventing you from achieving optimal health or living your true potential, helping your body bounce back by uncovering root causes of stress, trauma, sickness, disease, limiting beliefs and even blasting away money and relationship blocks. We can even put in alignment 100% with a goal you would like to manifest!

I start the session by connecting with you energetically, just like making a Wi-Fi connection, so I can work on your behalf remotely, enabling me to work with your subconscious mind.
Your subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive, storing everything in your life you’ve ever experienced since you were in utero.

By using muscle testing (kinesiology) and specific questions we get precise answers from our subconscious enabling us to zero in very rapidly and precisely to what the core cause is and simply release it.
This technique is Simple, Gentle and Powerful.

There is a next-level certification that just came out called The Belief Code, addressing Core negative beliefs which I’ll be attending in Las Vegas in January 2024.

“My love for learning has me continually expanding my knowledge and adding to my toolbox of healing to bring my absolute best to my clients”

It’s crucial for clients to have a clear understanding of what to expect during a session. Could you walk us through the process of booking and attending a session with you, whether it’s focused on a specific issue or involves a more general evaluation of imbalances?

Booking sessions or your free 20-minute Discovery Call to answer any questions you might have can be done on the website at

Sessions can be done over Zoom, phone or email.

Sessions are 45 minutes

You also get a copy of your session

“I strongly believe that Energy Healing is a Quantum leap into the “Medicine of the Future”, and I feel privileged to be a part of that and what’s yet to come!”

Could you share a success story or example of a client who experienced significant positive changes through your sessions? How does energy healing, particularly The Emotion Code and The Body Code, contribute to their journey toward better health and overall life improvement?

This is a testimonial from one of my clients:

Carmen has truly transformed my life. Her positive, friendly, and radiant personality, coupled with her incredible energy, has been a beacon of light for me. What sets Carmen apart is her remarkable ability to connect with the subconscious, facilitating the healing of past traumas and dispelling negative beliefs. Every session with her is not only eye-opening but also incredibly powerful.

Carmen’s attentive listening and her support in comprehending her readings enhance the overall experience. I eagerly anticipate each of our calls and week by week, I can visibly and palpably sense the positive changes in my confidence, self-love, and sense of worthiness.

I am sincerely grateful to Carmen and hold immense love for her. I am excited about continuing my journey towards growth and abundance with Carmen by my side.

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